You will ask a Muslim person, “Why is Ramadan celebrated after all?” So he will definitely tell you about it|

But It Seems to me that non-Muslim people hardly tell about it|

So Muslims are also a part of our society because we live together in India, so I think you should also know what Ramadan is.

And why RAMADAN is celebrated| Why has Ramadan celebrated after all, what is the truth behind RAMADAN?

Why is Ramadan celebrated after all, what is the truth behind RAMADAN?

Muslims living in India, as well as all Muslim countries around the world, are fasting in this holy month to express their affection for Allah|

Fasts are observed by Muslims to express love for God|

So let’s talk about when the month of Ramadan or the “month of worship” was started by the Muslim community?

And why does the Muslim society fast?

What is the history of Ramadan or Ramadan and what is the importance of fasting?

In the post, you will try to give you all the information related to Ramadan or Ramadan 2021|

So if you want to know about Ramadan then you have come to the exact post |

We have always put the right information before you till date|

Now don’t be late let’s talk about what Ramadan is and why is Ramadan celebrated?

Meaning of RAMADAN

Ramadan or Ramadan is the nova month of the Arabic or Islamic calendar, this month is considered very sacred in Muslim society|

Ramadan or Ramadan it is an Arabic word and means “hard heat and dryness” |

As I have told you, according to the Islamic or Muslim calendar, the new month is the holy month of Ramadan| In which every year the Muslim community fasts from small to big |

According to Islamic belief and the Muslim community,

this month is a month of “worshiping Allah”, and it is believed that every wish of the person who worships Allah in the month of Ramadan is fulfilled|

Muslim society fasts throughout the month on the occasion of Ramadan or Ramadan|

Fasting means “expressing love for God with a true heart” |

But if a religious fellow is unwell or older while fasting, and if a woman is pregnant or due to any other difficulties,

if a person is fasting, he is not allowed to fast|

How is Ramadan or Ramadan celebrated?

Whatever fasts in muslim society during this holy month of Ramadan neither consumes water throughout the day nor eats nose food|

At the same time, if someone has bad habits such as tobacco, smoking cigarettes,

this thing is strictly prohibited during this month|

In Muslim society, a very small meal is served by fasting people before the sun rises during fasting,

which is called Suharu (Sehri) by the Muslim community|

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Why is Diwali celebrate in India?

And after fasting throughout the day, all the fasting people eat in the evening, this is called iftar|

Ramadan or Ramadan case Anyone who fasts in the holy month is the first to eat dates to break the fast in the evening|

And according to Islamic beliefs, Allah had asked his messenger to eat dates to break the fast|

And since then this recognition has been adopted |.

Eid-ul-Fitr takes place at the end of this month of Ramadan, also known as Mithi Eid|

The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Muslim community|

All the people of the Muslim community go to mosques or Eid gahs wearing new clothes on this day,

and by offering prayers there, Allah is thanked and greeted with a hug|

What is the importance of Ramadan or Ramadan?

Ramadan or the month of Ramadan is considered very sacred for everyone in the Muslim community.

In which month is Ramadan observed by the Muslim community throughout the month|

There is a belief in the Muslim community that if a person fasts, God forgives all their sins|

Therefore, this month of Ramadan is considered very special for every Muslim|

There is also a belief in Muslim society that the doors of jannat are always open throughout the holy month of Ramadan|

Therefore, all Muslims who love Allah in this month fast during Ramadan, and on the last day of Ramadan,

the festival of Eid is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Muslim community

Why is Ramadan celebrated ?

According to Islamic beliefs, the month of Ramadan is a month of self-control and control| That is why the reason why Muslims fast in society is because they want to “consider themselves to be the pain of the poor”|

Therefore, muslim communities feel the pain of the poor living around the world by fasting in the holy month of Ramadan|

Restraint in fasting means controlling all your senses such as eyes, nose, ears and tongue,

and whoever fasts has to speak badly, hear bad, see bad, and feel bad|

Therefore, it is ramadan that teaches us to give up bad habits and at the same time exercise self-control

through the fasts kept during Ramadan in the Muslim community|

According to Islamic beliefs, all employment OK sins are burnt in the scorching heat of the sun, in Muslim society, the mind has to be kept pure in the month of Ramadan.

All these bad thoughts go away from the mind during daily |

What is the history of Ramadan?

The practice of fasting in Muslim religion is very old in the month of Ramadan, according to the religious beliefs of Islam, if we talk to Mohammad Saheb (Islamic Prophet) 610 It has been considered sacred in Islam ever since the holy book of Islam, Quran Sharif, and since then Ramadan is celebrated|

According to Islamic beliefs, the reason for this month’s holy ness is that according to the Qur’an Sharif,

The Prophet Saheb was made his supreme messenger by Allah|

Therefore, this month is a very sacred and special month for all the people of the Muslim community |.

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