So guys welcome you all on your own Website so friends today we are going to talk about Why is Eid celebrated.

Friends , it is considered to be a very sacred festival which is celebrated by Hindu Muslims all together .

Yes, friends, however, it is called the festival of Muslims.

It is celebrated by Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians by people of all religions together.

It is also known as a symbol of brotherhood.

Friends, Today we are going to know why eid is celebrated.

If you know what is the reason behind this, friends, please read the entire article carefully.

The festival of Eid is considered to be the biggest festival of Muslims and the holy brotherhood.

Eid is celebrated with great fanfare by all.

But not everyone knows why Eid is celebrated.

Today, if I am going to tell you all about this, i must read the whole Article carefully.

When is Eid? And what is its history? It is also known as Eid ul Fitr.

Why celebrate Eid?

As you know. The festival of Eid is celebrated by seeing the moon after 30 roses of Ramadan.

This festival is also known as Eid-al-Fitr.

But do you know why this festival is celebrated after a fine fast?

There is a long story behind it. Prophet Hazrat Mohammad had conquered The War of Badar.

The festival is celebrated to celebrate the victory of anake.

It is said that the first Eid-al-Fitr was celebrated in 624CE (624CE).

Eid information in Hindi

If we talk about the Islamic calendar, two Eids are celebrated accordingly.

The second Eid also known as Bakra Eid, Id-ul-Azha.

Friends, If we talk about Eid, the festival of Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated.

when the moon of Ramadan sinks and the moon of Eid is visible.

When it comes to the Islamic calendar, it is celebrated on the first day according to the Islamic calendar.

The month of Ramadan is a very culinary month.

Throughout this month, our Muslim brothers fast and donate according to their status.

Also known as fitra and zakat-khairat. First of all, sabah prayers are offered in it.

After that, from about 7-8 o’clock, the mosque or Eid gah goes to the mosque and offers prayers.

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Then there is dua and then everyone hugs each other. And congratulate each other.

After that, friends all go to each other’s houses and eat sevi.

We also know it as Mithi Eid.

Importance of Eid

After fasting full yamuna, friends, the festival of Eid comes in which everyone wears new clothes.

And a lot of delicious dishes are also prepared on Eid. Which is eaten together by all the people in the house.

Friends, on this day, everyone goes to meet their relatives.

So and friends, on this day, idis are also given to the younger ones.

This festival is considered by the people of all dharams together.

It is also known as the festival of bhai chara.

Friends, on this day, everyone forgets all the quarrels between them and observes this holy festival together.

Sevi is considered to be the main dish of this festival.

Which people feel happy with each other.

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