How To Start Small Business – Friends, the whole world is struggling with such a dangerous virus, we know it.

With this, we also know that many big companies have closed down, due to which many good and educated people have become unemployed.

But now you have come to our website and there is no need to take tension.

Now this question will definitely come in your mind that brother, in this situation money will come to us from where we can do some business.

Friends, today you will try to provide all kinds of information related to How to start Small Business, How to Start Small Business in India, How to Start Business at Home.

After reading this article, you will not have to ask anyone and go somewhere else to find it.

How to start Small Business and if you get money from this, then you will definitely read this entire article carefully.

So friends, before starting any business, you must check your attachment.

After all, what do you like? For example, I like sharing my experience with others.

Whether it is from blogging or from YouTube, I have been working in this field for the last 4 years,

And friends, as if I have never been bored with this work till date. In the same way, you must also see your Intrest.

So that you can do whatever business you do in life and you enjoy doing it.

So, friends, let us know about small business one by one.

How To Start Small Business

By the way, there is a lot of friends business, which you can easily start up to 50000 rupees very easily.

But today I am going to tell you some such business which if you start from today.

After which you can earn a lot of money after some time. So let’s know.

1.Domain Hostings Affiliate Program

How To Start Small Business

Friends believe me online small business is one such way to earn money, with the help of which you can earn not thousands but thousands.

Probably you will not know that if you can earn up to 60% -70% from online hosting by selling a hosting from a hosting company.

So friends, I have put this program first, in this you do not have to invest even one.

You can join it absolutely for free and friends, the special thing in it is that there is no need for much verification.

As you probably know that if you join an affiliate program, then that company first asks you the details of your website.

Like how much traffic comes to your website and its conversion rate.

For this reason, the application of many members is rejected only because of traffic.

But in the same way, if you connect with some special Hosting & Domain Provider Company, then you do not need any more traffic. is

In this you immediately get Approval. After this, all you need to do is hosting, Domain, and SSL Plans on your social media platform like: – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Whats app, Etc…

If you have a YouTube channel or website, then you can also promote it through its Throw.

Friends you can use Hostinger, NameCheap, BigRock, Reseller Club, BlueHost, Siteground, Godaddy, Etc…

2.Homemade Namkeen

Friends, now you will laugh a little because you will find this business a little funny.

But Home Business you will not need any shop or shop.

You can make and packing it at home, then you can give it a name according to your own.

You just have to do some hard work for its marketing.

As you all know, this grocery store is available in hotels, etc.

You can market your snacks in a similar place. And you can supply it.

Friends, I guarantee that you can earn as much money as you cannot think of.

3.Products Selling On Amazon

If you cannot do business of Namkeen, then this business can also prove to be very beneficial for you.

Because in this business you can sell any product on Amazon.

How To Start Small Business
How To Start Small Business

First of all, you have to open Amazon Seller Account for Small Business, which is very easy.

Just click on Start Selling and then fill some details.

Friends, you might be aware that Amazon does not make any products.

Whatever products you see on Amazon, a person like you does his own Product List.

You have some sample from your neighborhood market that you sell on Amazon.

Take his photo and list it with description and your price on Amazon.

Then as soon as the order comes to you, after that you have to purchase and pack the products from it.

Your work ends here. After this the Amazon Delivery Boy will come to you.

He will take the goods and put his sticker and deliver it to the customer.

Friends, you have an option and in this you can ask that brother, I will buy the goods and get them delivered.

But if the customer does not like the products and he returns.

We also have a solution for this, you can talk to the shop whose goods you want to list.

That I can sell your goods online, after that you can also tell them this term.

There will be no loss due to this, if any goods are returned, then you can give them to that shopkeeper.

4.Paper Bag Making Business

Friends, this business fits very well within How Small Business Under Rs. 50,000 in India.

You know that the use of paper bags is being promoted everywhere today.

Its Demand is also increasing day by day. And in the coming time it will increase even more.

Friends, you can also start this by watching videos on YouTube.

5.Vegetable And Fruit Home Delivery

So you can start this small business from anywhere.

Just invest 50,000 in this, you can do this business from anywhere.

Friends, all you have to do is home delivery of vegetables or fruits.

As we know that in today’s Busy Life we ​​do not have time to go to the market to buy fruits or vegetables everyday.

So for this, they keep a servant. But you can also do this work for him.

You just have to find out about it and then you can go and talk to him.

That I will take your Daily Fruit and Vegetable at your home.

6.eBook Writing

Friends, you can start this work absolutely free.

But you want to do more earning from Home.

So you can hire some of its staff and get it done.

Friends, now it is about what Ebook Writing is and how you can start it.

First thing you can do it in two ways, then both of them can do it.

Either you can work with a website like Freelancer, Fiver, Upwork, Etc.

Or you can publish your own Ebook.

7.Juice Making Business

Friends, to start this business, you just need to find a crowded place.

After getting the place, you can remove various types of juice and sell it.

You can easily start this business within 50,000.

8.Furniture Making Business

There is no need to make furniture yourself. Friends, you can hire Carpenter for this.

You just have to take the order and get Design liked. Just rate Final.

Then according to that you can prepare it and complete your order.

You can start this business in 50000 or less.

9.Animation Video Making

Friends, even if you do not know how to make this work or animation, you can still start this business.

In this too, you can get the job done with the help of Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork.

All you need for this is an Office.

You can earn a lot of profit by starting this business in less than 50,000.

10.B2B Business

In this, you have to talk to the company that has recently launched.

That we will get your products sold, how much commission will you give us.

If that company gets ready, then you just have to get its advertisments done.

In this work, you only spend the cost of advertisments only if you already have a good network.

So you can start this work absolutely free. And can also earn very good profits.

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