Friends, It takes a lot of Full-Form GDP to know the economic condition of any country.

Yes, friends, it is the GDP of any country that shows .

how much that country is growing or how much that country is going to be losing.

So friends, do read this article carefully and don’t leave it in the middle at all.

Because this question is very much in place , yes friends , you get to see a lot of places ,

what is GDP, what is the full form of GDP, how GDP is extracted,

what is the full name of GDP, and when and how GDP Full-Form was brought in?

GDP Full-Form

ACP Full Form In English – Gross Domestic Product

When and how did get GDP

Friends, it was 1930 when World War II was over in the world.

But friends, after the end of World War II, the whole world was struggling with a huge economic slowdown.

And after a full 10 years when the economic slowdown ended.

After that, the whole world came together to find out how much our country is developing. Our country is developing.

Or we are going to harm. After the preparations had started, friends started inventing a lot.

Friends, there was no such way to measure the growth rate in our country at that time.

Friends, many banking companies of the country came forward like financial institutes and banks joined and assured their country.

That we will show our country as well as the economic system of our country as to what is the status of our country.

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But friends, after a while, that too is over because that should be the way to measure the actual.

The bank also failed and how you should grow your economically and how you measure your economic growth rate.

It was not known friends, then there was time.

Yes, friends, economist Simon invented GDP first in his country, America.

Then, after the UK Conference in 1944, GDP was used by the World Bank and the Imf to find out the economy and their annual growth.

And friends, after that the whole world adopted it and then the whole world uses GDP to measure its monetary fund and its growth rate.

How do you remove GDP?

  • GDP (Total Domestic Product) = Product (Consumption) + Total Investment
  • GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

Types of GDP

Friends, the services and goods of the country are counted to extract GDP.

That leads to GDP. Friends, Over time,

the value of services and goods in the country is seen to increase or decrease.

So, there are two types of GDP, so let us know in detail.

Real GDP

Friends, the real GDP we can call it that 1 is a base year.

And the prices of goods and services are absolutely fixed.

Based on that, GDP is extracted.

Unrealistic GDP

Friends, If we understand about unrealistic GDP,

the current growth rate of any country and its market price is considered as the basis for measuring it.

Friends, If the value of any commodity present in any country is more than what is required,

then the GDP in that country is seen to be declining.

And, in a country which is very low in value, there is a good growth in GDP. This kind of GDP has an immediate impact on the people of the country.

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