Friends today we are going to talk about ACP ABOUT ACP Full Form.

You must have heard about ACP many times, what is ACP, how can we become ACP, what is acp officer,

However, you will not be fully aware of what the full form of ACP is.

Many a time you may have seen ACP, you must have thought about what the ACP full form is.

If we have to become so, how can we become it?

So friends today you are going to go to Hindi all this information with the help of this post.

If you are going to go to your mother tongue, you must read this whole post carefully.

And make it an instrument and if you want to be acp full form you can definitely become.

You have to do what I tell you.

Friends in this post you are going to get full acp information in Hindi, so you must read this post in full.

ACP Full Form

So friends now we are going to talk about the full form of THE ACP in the full form in English.

If we talk, two friends mean the same and that means in English.

So let’s know what is the full form of ACP in detail.

ACP Full Form In English:

A – Assistant

C – Commissioner

P – Police

How to recognize ACP?

दोस्तों अगर हम एसीपी की बात करें तो यह पुलिस डिपार्टमेंट के सबसे प्रमुख पदों में से एक है माना जाता है।

दोस्तों यह पद डीसीपी को भी दिया जाता है और इसके कंधों पर आपको तीन स्टार दिख जाएगा।

What is the function of ACP?

Friends, as you all must have known. That ACP is a very big post.

Friends in the police department ACP can make any decision as there are other policemen.

So, he needs a big officer’s mission before taking any decision.

But ACP is a post for which anyone can stop any unlawful work on their own without any mission.

Can raise the voice against him.

Yes, friends and those who have all the police stations in the right of one acp can visit at any time.

And there is anything if wrong or correct at the time of whatever calamity.

He is participating in it and gives everyone.

Besides, friends have a lot of acp work which is done by ACP.

What is Acp salary

Friends, if we talk about an ACP officer, there was a little less salary at first.

But after the seventh pay comes, an ACP officer’s ongoing can be about 45000 to 120000 or more.

He is on top of his position and experience.

How to become ACP?

Friends, you get two ways to become ACP.

The first way you become another police officer you work in the police department for 20 years

Friends, as I have already told you, both ACP and DCP posts are the same.

So friends, you are recruited as a police officer in the police department to become dcp.

Then you can become a DCP by doing service for 20 years.

Both the three stars, which you also call ACP, are given on the shoulders.

Which you must have never seen.

The other way is if you want the director to become ACP and is now a young man.

So, for this, you have to give the UPSC exam and top it.

If you top up, you can become direct ACP.

And, as ACP, you can recruit police officers.

Qualifications to become ACP

Friends, you must be an Indian citizen first to become ACP.

Secondly, you should be recruited as any officer of the police department.

Which I have already told you that you can get an ACP post after 20 years of work.

To complete graduation in any subject from any recognised university.

Friends, you can become an ACP officer by giving upsc exam after direct also graduation.

Friends as you know how to become a police officer.

You need to be physically and mentally fully healthy.

At the same, you have to undergo a lot of tests and a lot of examinations.

Only then can you become a police officer or you can become ACP.

Needed to become ACP

Friends, if you are also considering the UPSC examination in your mind.

So let’s tell you that friends should be at least 21 to 32 years of age, only then you can give a UPSC test.

Friends your height for UPSC exam should be up to 5 feet 6 inches and 5 ft 1 inch height is required for women.

Facilities available to ACP

Friends, as I have told you above, ACP is considered to be a very big post.

In the police department, there are a lot of facilities that you get, as you get a train.

He gets a driver with him and you get a government house to live with which is a very big house.

Friends with him you get the telephone and you can call anywhere for free.

He does not have to pay you any charge. He does it on the government.

At the same, friends are given a lot of small facilities.

As you travel somewhere by plane or by train, you are measured in a different category.

And a lot of leeway is given to you.

So it is very good to be friends ACP is a wonderful thing.

It will also give you a lot of fun in serving the public along with a lot of facilities.

So I would hope that you definitely if you are tantalated if you want to do it.

So, definitely, and become an ACP officer and your country must protect your state.

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