Friends, you and we have learned a lot in the journey so far, whether it is Make Money Online or Small Business Idea, Best Business Ideas, Affiliate Marketing, Facts and many more things, we have reached you through this website. Tried.

Which you supported a lot and boosted my and my website’s morale.

Because of which today I am going to share another Idea with all of you again.

Which is 5 Small Business Idea in Hindi, in which we will tell about the business to be started on the smallest lining in this article today.

However, friends, there are many ideas that you can start with a lot of work.

But what I am about to share with you, I think that you can benefit both village or city.

You can start this business from work within 5000 to 50000.

Friends, this business that I am telling you, you can do this business anywhere.

Whether you live in the city or village, you will not need any room for this.

You can start this business initially with a cart or sidewalk.

After this, as your business grows then you can rent a room.

Small Business Idea

So friends, today I am going to tell you about the 5 lowest cost shops.

You can start it in very less money and start it anywhere.

But friends, as you all know, a crowded area is needed for the sale of any shop or business.

If your shop is in a secluded area, then obviously your sales will be very less.

So first of all, before opening a business or a shop,

Eg – a village square, market, halt etc…

So friends, we know about small business and their investment from the details.

1.Vegetable or fruit shop

Friends, if we talk about a vegetable or fruit shop, then it is one of the highest selling shops.

You and I also know what the reason is that any human being can bear everything but no hunger.

And if we talk about food, the name of vegetable comes after rice bread.

Which we need every time in every meal. And we buy it every day.

Therefore, vegetable shops can prove to be good for us.

With this, if we keep the fruit inside it then it can be better.

Because if a customer comes to buy vegetables and he also gets fruits, then he will definitely buy.

And friends, profits are also very good in this business.

There is no need of any kind of shop to start this business.

In the beginning you can start it with a pavement or a cart.

Friends, if you start this business on cart then you can earn more.

Because you all will know that you can go to a village or campus colony by taking a hand.

And you can roam everywhere and sell vegetables or fruits.

As you know that I live in Delhi, I often see this around my house.

Every day, three to four carts carry vegetables all day and roam around our house colony and sell it.

Also, if I talk, there is a vegetable market at some distance from my house where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are available throughout the day.

Friends, you can start this business today at a cost of 5000.

2.cutting shop (salon shop)

You can start it from any shop or even on the sidewalk.

These businesses can start at the lowest cost.

And you all know that not everyone can do this work.

Before doing this work, it is good to learn it and then you can do it easily.

You can do this work with just a few rupees, just you have to start.

3.Tea Shop

Friends, now we talk about the business which anyone can easily do.

You know that in our country morning tea is served with a cup of tea.

In this also you will have to learn a few things. But you can make very good income with this.

You can start it only with tea, later you can make more things.

For example, you can make breakfast in the morning and lunch in the evening.

You can also start it easily with a hand cart or a pavement.

But for this you will have to find a place where there are shops.

Or where there seems to be fair or market like Sadar Bazar market of Delhi.

However, you can also do it in the village. Because tea is very common in the village.

You can also start with some 1000 rupees or even more or less.

You can start it with a cart or open space.

4.Mobile accessories

Yes friends, this Small Business Idea can prove to be very beneficial for you.

However, it will cost you more than all of them.

But you also earn a lot more profit than that.

In this, you have small accessories connected to the mobile like – mobile cover, earphones, charger etc. ..

For this also you will not need any shop.

You can also start it from the cart or any market.

Friends, all of you will know that who does not have a mobile phone today.

And because of this, its demand is increasing day by day.

And its shop can make good profits by doing very easily in any village or city.

You can start it from around Rs.10,000 / -. If you want, then you can start with even less.

You can also start with a cart, footpath or shop.

5.Clothing Store

Now, do not think that you will have to invest millions here.

No, what I am going to tell you today, you can also start with at least 10,000.

Friends, you do not need to shop for any big readymade.

In this, you can put some readymade clothes like – tozer, shirt, jeans etc.

You can do this at any cart, pavement, market or village halt.

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